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Mostly Good.


Even though cannabidiol (CBD) has recently become the focus of a large amount of medical research and discussion in popular media, the term carries with it a lot of baggage. While CBD is an incredibly safe and therapeutic component of cannabis, there are many myths and misconceptions associated with it. Our challenge was to change those perceptions and transform NYC Botanics into the premier retailer of CBD oil products.

Most people don’t know that even though NYC Botanics’ CBD oil does contain a trace amount of THC, the main psychoactive component of cannabis, it lacks the ability to get you high. It does, however, help to provide relief of anxiety, joint inflammation, chronic pain, and insomnia. In other words, despite the tiniest bit of naughty THC, NYC Botanics’ CBD is mostly good.


"Mostly Good" is a campaign focused on being boldly transparent about the fact that CBD oil does contain a trace amount of THC—just not nearly enough to get you high. Mostly it's just about the good stuff that helps users feel relief and wellness while adding a knowing wink to the myths that surround a product derived from cannabis.


To create the photorealistic look of the characters, generally seen as stereotypically wholesome but doing something just a wee bit naughty, we teamed up with the international award-winning CGI studio Illusion to bring the campaign to life. Done as wild posting throughout New York, these captivating posters told an arresting story at first glance. Married with humorous copy, and done in the voice of each character, we extolled the health and wellness benefits of NYC Botanics' premium CBD oil. We then translated the campaign to be used in social media and print publications throughout the city. We see a growing trend in mainstream society and healthcare that isn't shying away from the positive uses of CBD. We are proud to be a part of helping to nurture this new frontier.


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